Safe Repair & Safe Maintenance

Precision Lock and Safe offers a variety of safe services. We can service every component of a safe, whether the safe is large or small. Common safe components requiring servicing (repair, adjustment or replacement) include but are not limited to:
-Hinges – If the safe hinges are worn, a simple adjustment may be needed, or a more involved servicing might be required
-Doors – If the safe door is rubbing or hard to open, it requires service.
-Handles – Is your safe handle loose, worn or broken? We can provide a replacement even if your safe handle is no longer manufactured. See our custom made replacement safe parts below.
-Locks – Whether you have an electronic safe lock, mechanical (dial) or a key lock, we can service or replace the lock(s) on your safe
-Safe Bolt work – The safe handle may be hard to operate due to an issue in the safes boltwork. Many times, a servicing and lubrication is all that is required to get the safe to operate smoothly again.


Replacement Electronic Safe Locks

Replacement Mechanical Safe Locks

Replacement Safe Key Locks

Replacement Safe Handles

Replacement Safe Hinges

Miscellaneous Replacement Safe Parts

Custom Made Replacement Safe Parts (Photos Below)

We have the ability to remake safe parts when replacements are not available and when custom solutions are needed.


Below (LEFT) are replacement hinge blocks we made for the Diebold Hinged Round Door pictured on the Right.

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