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National Council of Women Safe Opening

Jersey City Mayors Office Safes (2) Opened

Why You Need to Hire A Professional

When searching for a company to open your safe, it can be difficult to determine which ones are qualified (and will offer professional service) and which will just end up destroying your safe (see pictures below). In an effort to help you ‘weed out’ unqualified companies, we have compiled a short list of questions you can ask us and any other companies you are considering hiring for your safe opening.

1. Will you be able to open my safe without destroying it?
2. Will you be able to open my safe and put it back into service the same day or will additional trips be required?
3. Will you charge me a fee for your attempt, even if you are unable to open my safe?
4. Are you familiar with my particular safe and/or do you have experience working with this particular make and model?
5. Do you charge a flat price, ‘Not to Exceed’, or will you quote me an open ended hourly rate?
6. Do you guarantee your results ?

We are able to open and service all types of safes including (but not limited to): Fire and Data , Antiques, B and C Rates (Including Residential and Commercial), High Security including TL-15, TL-15×6 TL-30, TL-30×6, TRTL-30, and TRTL60x6, ATM’s, and Fire and Plate Vaults.

Many times, a locked safe can be opened without drilling; however, hands on diagnosis is required to determine whether or not this is possible. There are situations that require the safe to be drilled. Drilling done by a qualified technician does not destroy the safe and after repair, shows little or no evidence.

In addition to the training, skills and experience required, some of the tools we use include: Borescopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High Speed Drills and Specialized Keylock Picks

Destroyed by an unqualified locksmith. Needless to say, this was not what the customer was looking for. This is of course in addition to the loud noise he made while working and the large mess he left.

End Result? A destroyed safe, that still needed to be opened (we opened it) & removed , and the purchase and installation of a new safe. It is clear to see hiring us is much cheaper and avoids this aggravation.

Pictured above is a safe with 12 holes (SEE ARROWS) in it. This one was destroyed by an unqualified locksmith. Only ONE hole would have been necessary to open it had we been called first.

This is another safe destroyed by an unqualified ‘locksmith’. The locksmith spent half a day, drilling four large holes (see arrows) on the side of the safe, never getting the safe open. Precision Lock & Safe was called to open this container. Due to the damage, this safe is unrepairable.

Professional safe opening and repair by us.

Another professional safe opening and repair by us.

Professional opening by Precision Lock & Safe. This one had a lost combination and was able to be opened WITHOUT drilling any holes!

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