INKAS® Saturn series safes are the standard for home security. It carries a UL TL-30×6 rating, making it secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of prybars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, and saws. It feature a sophisticated glass relocking system that triggers during an attempted attack and is fully secure from all 6 sides.

Available in the following basic colours:

Satin Black
Powder Gray
Creamy Beige


  • UL TL-30×6 certified
  • UL certified Group 2M manipulation resistant combination lock with spy proof dial
  • Full composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material enclosed within heavy steel plates
  • Sophisticated glass relock system activates massive relockers when attacked
  • Bolts inter-lock within reinforced bolt chambers
  • Heavy plate steel frame
  • High quality adjustable hinges
  • 2 hours fire resistance
  • Custom interiors available

Model Name Inside Dimension Outside Dimension Volume Weight
Saturn 2014 20(H) x 14 ½(W) x 15(D) 28(H) x 22 ½(W) x 26(D) 2.52(ft.) 1323(lbs)
Saturn 2517 25(H) x 17 ½(W) x 15(D) 33(H) x 25 ½(W) x 26(D) 3.80(ft.) 1685(lbs)
Saturn 3219 32(H) x 19 ½(W) x 17(D) 40(H) x 27 ½(W) x 28(D) 6.14(ft.) 2221(lbs)
Saturn 4520 45(H) x 20 ½(W) x 21(D) 53(H) x 28 ½(W) x 32(D) 11.21(ft.) 3240(lbs)
Saturn 5520 55(H) x 20 ½(W) x 21(D) 63(H) x 28 ½(W) x 32(D) 13.70(ft.) 3716(lbs)
Saturn 6523 65(H) x 23(W) x 21(D) 73(H) x 31(W) x 32(D) 18.17(ft.) 4512(lbs)
Saturn 6532 65(H) x 32(W) x 21(D) 73(H) x 40(W) x 32(D) 25.28(ft.) 5474(lbs)
Saturn 7242 72(H) x 42(W) x 21(D) 80(H) x 50(W) x 32(D) 36.75(ft.) 7095(lbs)
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