Burg Wachter Safes

CL 10 – CL 40 “Combi-Line” Version E

Security Level S 2 / Fire Resistance Grade LFS 30 P

  • Protected against burglary and fire
  • Fire resistance LFS 30 P according to EN 15659 – 30 minutes fire protection for paper
  • Security Level S 2 according to IN EN 14450
  • Lateral locking through strong round bolts of 25 mm Ø plus sliding bolt on the top

Art.-No. EAN Outside Dimension Inside Dimension Door Weight
CL 10 E 33410 2 12.5(H) x 17.1(W) x 14.9(D) 8.07(H) x 12.5(W) x 9.13(D) 8.07(D) x 10.4(W) 97(lbs)
CL 20 E 33430 0 14.1(H) x 19.4(W) x 17.5(D) 9.64(H) x 14.9(W) x 11.6(D) 9.64(H) x 12.7(W) 121(lbs)
CL 40 E 33450 8 22.0(H) x 19.4(W) x 17.5(D) 17.5(H) x 14.9(W) x 11.6(D) 17.5(H) x 12.7(W) 170(lbs)
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