Large Gun Safe Move

We received a call from a customer who needed their 1300 lb. gun safe moved amidst a basement remodel project in their home. Once we arrived at the customer’s home we realized the job was a bit more complicated than the customer let on. However this was only because the customer didn’t realize what was involved in moving the safe. They had framed out and added sheet rock to the horizontal support beams that run across the basement ceiling. This reduced the height clearance below it. The safe was taller than the clearance left below the support beams. This meant the safe could not pass upright underneath the support beams. The safe needed to be laid down, moved underneath the support beam and then up righted on the other side.

Photo 1 and 2 shows the back side of the safe and our small portable forklift. We laid a furniture pad on the forks to prevent them from scratching the backside of the safe. Photo 3 shows one of our employees controlling the forklift with the safe tilted back onto the forks. Photo 4 shows the safe laying on its back. At this point, we moved the safe under the support beam and then up righted it.

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5 shows the safe in its final position with the moving dollies still attached. Photo 6 shows the safe with the door rehung. For those curious as to why the door is dusty and has boot prints on it, the customers son and husband thought they would move the safe themselves to save money. They removed the door from the safe which subsequently got out of their control and fell on its back. The door laid there while the contractor worked around it and the safe body. In the meantime, the door acquired boot prints from the workers stepping on it. It is at that point the customer realized she needed to hire a professional to move the safe.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Moving a heavy safe without the proper experience, knowledge and equipment can be dangerous and even deadly if the safe were to tip over uncontrolled.