Safe Repair & Safe Maintenance

Safe Repair / Machining / Replacement Safe Handles, Safe Locks, Safe Hinges & Hinge Pins, etc.

Looking for a specific part ? Give us a call, we’ll help! (516 616 0854). Help us help you, by taking a picture of the part you need and/or of the safe. (Trying to describe what you need on the phone is often difficult and unfruitful).

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Replacement Electronic Safe Locks

Replacement Mechanical Safe Locks

Replacement Safe Key Locks

Replacement Safe Handles

Replacement Safe Hinges

Miscellaneous Replacement Safe Parts

Custom Made Replacement Safe Parts (Photos Below)

The picture on the left is of the old worn out safe handle shaft (arbor). The handle shaft (arbor) is what attaches to the safe handle and allows the locking bolts of the safe to be retracted.

Since no replacements parts were available for the particular safe (company no longer in business), we machined a new shaft (arbor) (right) to replace the old worn out one.

Below (LEFT) are replacement hinge blocks we made for the Diebold Hinged Round Door pictured on the Right.

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